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There is no specific “starting point” or “finish line” in yoga. At Surya Yoga, we believe in beginning wherever you are. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have an experienced, consistent practice...we welcome you!  In our classes, you will be led by teachers who encourage you to listen to yourself and your body, and who guide you to modify or amplify your practice to your ability. With emphasis on alignment and safety, our teachers foster an environment of positivity, possibility and freedom as you grow in your practice. Our teachers hold their classes centered in connectedness and love.

Classes will be taught with music in the background. Evening classes will be illuminated by candlelight.


Hot Power Vinyasa is a dynamic and energetic form of yoga where movement through each pose is linked to your breath.  With each inhale, the body opens; with each exhale, the body closes. Power Vinyasa incorporates deep holds (power) and rapid, fluid transitions (flow) in connection with your breath; and does not follow a specific sequence of poses. This class is taught in a heated room of 93º Fahrenheit with 57% humidity.  Prepare to sweat! The heat combined with the intensity of this class cultivates strength, endurance, focus, balance and flexibility. The diverse, free and fluid nature of Power Vinyasa yoga also makes it, at times, feel like a beautiful, brilliant dance! Leave this class feeling detoxified, restored, rejuvenated and empowered! 

New to yoga? Not to worry! In no time the poses and pace of this class will become familiar to you. Go easy on yourself and stay open-minded – all you have to do is show up, relax, and breathe!


Our Warm Vinyasa Flow class is patterned after our Hot Power Vinyasa class, but with a moderated pace. The flow of this class will be slower and the Vinyasa poses will be broken down. Proper alignment, positioning and transitioning will be explained if needed.  Students are welcomed to ask questions about postures, movement and breath work.  This class is taught in a warm room of 85º Fahrenheit and 53% humidity. It will not be hot, but it will be warm, so prepare to sweat. This class is designed for beginners, but not a necessity for them. Nor do experienced yogis need to stay away. There is no better opportunity to deepen the understanding of a mature practice, and to refresh and refine!  In yoga, there is always somewhere further to go!


This class will be held in a non-heated, average temperature room and will focus on yoga poses fundamental to a beginning practice. This class will also include gentle stretching and understanding of the breath. If you have been wanting to give yoga a try but are not sure where to begin, feel intimidated, or are not in favor of the heat, this class is for you.


This class is an upbeat, lighthearted yoga class geared for 'tweens', ages 10-14. In this class, students will be exposed to the fundamentals of a yoga practice and a basic understanding of the breath. Students will be guided toward improving body strength, flexibility and balance while promoting self awareness, self confidence and self expression in a comfortable, fun and relaxed environment.  These classes are offered on a workshop basis.


Educate, exercise and empower your child through Surya Yoga's Wild Child Yoga.  In our Wild Child classes, children will experience their breath and their body moving together in a fun-filled environment.  Through yoga poses, games, songs and more, children will learn to stretch their bodies in creative ways promoting strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness.  These classes are offered on a workshop basis.


This class is appropriate for ages 10-17 and geared toward Junior Tennis players and developing young athletes of all types. Emphasis of this class will be placed on balancing the body through yoga poses and stretches, and on focusing the mind through the breath. Students will learn ways to improve their flexibility and range of motion; build their strength and stamina; and better activate and utilize their core. Students will also discover tools to relieve tension and body imbalances (in shoulders, hamstrings, hips, quads, etc...), increase performance, and minimize risk of injury.  


This class is a slow recovery class designed to lengthen, stretch and relax "spent" muscles.  Ideal for post-match (game, workout,...) athletes looking to rebalance your body, reduce injury and improve future performance.  Focus will be on hamstrings, IT band, hips, side body and shoulders, incorporating longer holds, balance poses, twists and limited flows.  Breath, focus and centering will also be emphasized through short guided meditations and longer savasanas.  No heat will be added to this class. 


  • Court Core
  • Restoration/Relaxation Yoga


Corporate Events

Spend an afternoon or evening away from your home or office, disconnected from your phone, your email, and the pressures of work. De-stress and relax in a calm, warm, and welcoming environment together with your friends, office, department, or team members. Participate in an event that provides you the opportunity to unplug and recharge! Each event is tailored to your specific needs and requests. Offerings include a Yoga Practice, Breath Work, Meditation, a Gong Bath, Crystal "singing" Bowls, Drum Circle, Essential Oils, and more!

Birthday Parties

Contact us to create a tailor-made birthday party for your yoga lover - of any age!

Our Rates

Walk In Adult: $22 per class
Walk In Kid/Junior: $20 per class
10 Class Package: $19 per class ($190 total)
20 Class Package: $17 per class ($340 total) 
Private Instruction (per hour):
One Person: $95
Two People: $145
Three People: $185
Each Additional Person: $35

Class packages are nonrefundable, nontransferable and never expire. 

Gift Certificates are available as well.

Private parties are available and celebrated!